Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inside AnswerFirst : The Operations Department

At AnswerFirst our management staff is split into four departments: Operations, Sales, Marketing and IT.  Each department is responsible for specific duties that are crucial to the success of the other departments and AnswerFirst, as a whole.  Through collaboration and focus these four departments are consistently successful at achieving our mission to provide the best customer service to our clients and our clients’ callers, in a timely fashion and as efficiently as possible. Our next few blog posts are going to be about the responsibilities of each of these four main departments and how they interact with each other to make AnswerFirst successful.
Our Operations Department is the front-line of our business; they are responsible for ensuring that we provide the best possible customer service experience to our clients and our clients’ customers.  This department is made up of Customer Service Professionals, Supervisors and Account Representatives; these team members each perform unique job functions but are closely integrated with each other.  Communication between team members is vital to the success of the entire Operations Department; department team members meet on a regular basis to develop new services for our clients, more efficient job procedures for our staff, and fun and inventive ways to keep our department enthusiastic and focused on providing excellent customer service.  Customer Service Professionals are the face of our business and deal with our clients’ customers directly.  They answer the phones, send emails, schedule appointments, take orders, provide instructions or guidance to callers and much more.  This team of 50 agents rely on each other to meet and maintain the expectations of our clients; they are solely responsible for the “AnswerFirst Experience.”  Supervisors manage our Customer Service Professionals and deal directly with clients when issues arise; they are also responsible for more complex account handling tasks and serve as leaders in the Operations Department. Our Account Representatives work with new clients to configure their accounts and assist them and their businesses with transitioning to AnswerFirst.  The entire Operations Department enjoys a fun family atmosphere while still meeting and maintaining the service level expected from our clients and their customers.  Operations works with all of the other managerial departments to refine the services that we offer and to implement new services.  Operations relies on IT to provide them with new and more efficient technologies and a secure and reliable infrastructure.  Operations also works with the Sales Department in transitioning new clients to AnswerFirst in a smooth and prompt manner.  The Operations Department is the core of AnswerFirst because this department provides the service that is AnswerFirst; without our Operations Department there is no service to offer our clients.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle  

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Answering Service Blair Witch Project Parody : Happy Halloween from AnswerFirst

AnswerFirst provides answering services and call center solutions to more than 1400 companies around the globe but what sets AnswerFirst apart from other services? Our call center is staffed with U.S. agents 24/7/365 and a manager onsite at all times so that our clients receive the same level of service that we provide their callers. We hope you enjoy this Blair Witch Project Parody about our call center (by Vivienne Brown Happy Halloween from AnswerFirst! 1-800-645-2616