Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

AnswerFirst "Goes Green" with Remote Operators

AnswerFirst Communications, Inc. announced this week that they are now encouraging all of their telephone operators to work from home.  Beginning in early 2009 AnswerFirst began developing a remote operator program by utilizing high-speed internet, IT virtualization methods and strict security protocols.  After 12 months of solid testing, AnswerFirst has gained enough confidence in their infrastructure and new procedures that they are now encouraging all operators to work from home after they complete a 60 day in-house training program.  Matt Herron, President of AnswerFirst commented, "Our operators enjoy the convenience of working from their own homes and, since they aren't using their cars to get to work every day, they are conserving fuel and reducing their carbon footprints. During the implementation of our Remote Operator Program we virtualized several parts of our infrastructure which means that we are now running less physical hardware and that we are more energy efficient as a whole. This change in our daily operations required a significant investment in technology and implementation but the benefits to our employees and the environment are the ROI.  We are committed to being a environmentally conscious business and our Remote Operator Program is just one more step towards achieving our goal."

AnswerFirst began focusing on more environmentally sound business practices in early 2007 by implementing the use of energy efficient lighting throughout their corporate headquarters and switching to a "paperless office" model.  Jim Smith, AnswerFirst's Sale Manager, said, "Our Paperless Office initiative has actually streamlined our sales process which provides our customers with a better experience while saving us money and helping the environment." 

AnswerFirst will continue their "Go Green" efforts throughout the coming year by looking into new heating and cooling solutions at their corporate headquarters.

AnswerFirst Communications, Inc. is based in Tampa, FL and provides answering services, virtual receptionist and call center solutions to customers internationally.