Friday, October 30, 2009

What types of call forwarding are available at AnswerFirst?

The most common type is manual call forwarding, you must physically be in your office where the phone is located to either forward or unforward your phone line. Usually you will dial 72# or something similar and then punch in the phone number we provide for you for forwarding. Once you have done that, you will hear the phone start to ring and it will be answered by one of our operators in your account name. That’s it – you have successfully forwarded your phones. You do not have to actually let the operator answer to forward your phone. As soon as it starts ringing, your phones are forwarded. In fact, for most carriers, you can hang up, repeat the same process, and then receive a series of fast busy tones to signify your phones have been successfully forwarded.

There are other types of call forwarding as well, remote call forwarding and busy/no answer call forwarding. Remote call forwarding allows you to forward your office phone from a remote location, such as your cell phone. That can be convenient if you are the person responsible for forwarding the phones when you leave. If you were to forget to forward your office phone when you left for day and remembered after you were halfway home, with manual call forwarding, you would have to drive back to the office to forward the phones. With remote call forwarding, you could simply forward your office phone from your cell phone in the car.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Should You Choose AnswerFirst as Your Answering Service??

There are hundreds if not thousands of answering services to choose from... why should you choose AnswerFirst??


  • Our Motivation
    Because all of our billing is in arrears and our clients only pay our $20.00 base rate up-front, we actually have to answer your calls to earn any additional money. This makes us HIGHLY motivated to answer every one in a timely and professional manner.

  • Quick and Professional Response Time
    We do a terrific job of insuring proper agent staffing. We average answering 85% of our calls on the first ring with a live agent and another 10-12% on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th ring with a live agent.

  • Superior Experience
    We never place your callers on hold. Once our agent answers your valuable call, they take the call to conclusion. We never interrupt your call to go answer another clients ringing call.

  • Dispatch Operators
    Every new message an inbound agent takes is sent to our dispatcher queue for delivery. Our highly trained dispatch agents insure every message we send has had a second pair of eyes reviewing it to insure it is a professional message. Dispatch operators are also our most experienced agents and since they only deliver messages, they are very good at it.


  • Equipment & Power
    We have redundant servers for every infrastructure process. With a $30,000.00 diesel generator sitting out back, our entire facility has full power for an extended period of time for any type of power interruption. Full UPS, Lightning and Surge protection systems are also provided for all of our equipment.

  • Infrastructure
    With multiple SIP, Fiber, T-1 and PRI circuits routed from different providers down different routes, you can feel safe we will be there when you need us. With redundant ISP connections, clients who rely on our ability to access the World Wide Web can rest assured we will have access. These are very fast connections with automated roll-over capabilities in the event of an outage.

  • Facility
    Our two story facility was built by us specifically for call center usage. It is fully compliant with Category Five hurricane standards and can withstand all but the most serious of natural disasters. Hurricane shutters, GFI circuits, lightning protection and more was all incorporated in the planning of this facility.


  • Pay Only For What You Use
    Our rate insures you only have to pay for exactly what you use. Didn’t have any calls this month – pay nothing in addition. We only bill additional if we actually receive calls for you. Don’t get stuck prepaying for a package and paying for unused calls, minutes or units.

  • Value Added Services
    Are other services offering access to your call recordings as soon as a call is finished? Can you run reports about your account activity any time YOU want? Can you export all your critical message data in .csv format for import into your database? Are your messages archived? Can the call center also process inbound e-mails just as they process inbound calls? Can you do all of these things for no additional cost? These are just a few of the many value added services we offer every client at no additional cost.

  • Price Guarantee
    We can offer most any type of rate and usually can match or beat anything our competitors offer.

  • Transparency
    With the ability to access so much your account information in real time through our included Client Web Access web portal, our clients have a unique opportunity to see how we are performing on their account. - It need never be a mystery to you again. Our willingness to be open and frank with this information speaks loudly of our desire to forge long term relationships with our clients.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AnswerFirst Launches A YouTube Channel

AnswerFirst is proud to announce the creation of our new YouTube account. We've already added two new videos to the channel and there will be several more videos added as we create them. The main purpose of the channel is to present our clients with video walk-throughs of the Client Web Access area of our website. All of our clients receive free Client Web Access accounts as part of their answering service, messaging services, call center, virtual office, order entry, scheduling and reservations accounts.

Call (1-800-645-2616) or contact us today for more information.

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