Thursday, May 19, 2011

What types of service does AnswerFirst provide?

Our staff can perform a variety of different tasks and general messaging, order taking and the scheduling of appointments are just a few of the answering services we offer. We can also transfer callers to your staff as needed and we certainly provide escalation services for many companies who deal with after hour emergencies. We monitor elevators and entrance gates and provide peace of mind to hundreds of companies who rely on us to be their voices in times of disaster. We can take reservations for events, perform check in duties for employees and can even wake you up in the morning or remind you of an important meeting. We can also process inbound e-mails in the same manner as telephone calls and we assist many clients with application processing for mortgages and loans.

Our versatile service offerings can be a benefit to most businesses in some manner. Looking for a answering service you don't see listed here? Contact us for further assistance: 1-800-645-2616

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