Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Can I Be Assured That Friendly, Intelligent People Will Answer My Business Calls?

Our hiring and training methodologies insure that professional agents answer your calls. Potential new agents are first subjected to a battery of computerized testing to gauge their cognitive and physical skills. Typing speed, spelling, grammar and comprehension are all measured.  Once the best candidates have been identified they move to our interview process, which focuses on communication skills and attitude. We are always looking for "can do" attitudes and energetic agents who share our company focus towards quality and friendly service.  After agents complete the interview process they move on to our training program which requires them to take classes that educate them about our company, our clients, our software and hardware systems.  After agents successfully complete our training courses they are moved to the call center floor where they work under other agents for several weeks before they are allowed to take calls on their own.  Our agents answer and end calls with a smile.  Through strict selection criteria and intense training programs we guarantee that our agents are the best in the industry.

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