Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Reasons to Use AnswerFirst as Your Answering Service

  • Equipment
    We have redundant equipment for every infrastructure process and requirement.

  • Power
    With a 45KW diesel generator sitting out back, our entire facility has full power for an extended period of time for any type of power interruption. Full UPS, Lightning and Surge protection systems are also provided for all of our equipment.

  • Telephony
    With multiple SIP, Fiber,T-1 and PRI circuits routed from different providers down different routes, you can feel safe we will be there when you need us.

  • Internet
    With redundant ISP connections, clients who rely on our ability to access the World Wide Web can rest assured we will have access. These are very fast connections with automated roll-over capabilities in the event of an outage.

  • Facility
    Our two story facility was built by us specifically for call center usage. It is fully compliant with Category Five hurricane standards and can withstand all but the most serious of natural disasters. Hurricane shutters, GFI circuits, lightning protection and more was all incorporated in the planning of this facility.
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