Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Receptionist and the Anwering Service

In-house receptionists can be a nice convenience in today’s small office. In between routing phone calls and taking messages they are able to complete menial tasks like filing and filling out paperwork.  They can also serve as greeters for the mailman and other folks that pass through the office on a daily basis.  In short, they can be somewhat useful.

Another convenient solution for handling inbound business communications is to utilize an answering service.  To some business owners, this option might seem a little impersonal.  An answering service isn’t in-house and, of course, they cannot help with filing or paperwork.  However, the work they do is typically consistent and reliable and they do not require vacation time, sick leave, etc.  They never show up late and their professional agents are available at all hours to answer phones, emails and social media inquiries promptly and professionally.

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