Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Major Traffic Jam: The Perfect Reason to Use An Answering Service

Lanes of I-275 South in downtown Tampa reopen after crash: "A jack-knifed tanker truck that blocked the southbound lanes of Interstate 275 just south of the downtown exits this morning has been moved and all lanes now are open, officials said."

The weather in Tampa, FL the past two days has been very wet. At one point, Bay Area meteorologists were tweeting that there were rainfall rates of 4" an hour in some areas. No matter what part of the United States you live in, you know that rain means traffic delays and collisions inevitably ensue. At about 8:30 this morning (during Tampa's peak rush hour) on southbound interstate 275 (the main highway leading through Central Tampa) wet roads caused a tanker to collide with another vehicle; the collision left the tanker jack-knifed across all southbound lanes of the interstate literally stopping traffic for more than 2 hours. Thousands of commuters were stuck in their vehicles waiting for the tanker to be removed from the roadway.

Where do you think the majority of these people were headed at 8:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning? Work, of course...

This is the perfect example of when an answering service can benefit a business: unexpected delays on the roadways cause employees to be late for work but that doesn't stop a businesses' phones from ringing.

Events like this don't happen every day and that's why a lot of businesses might not need to use an answering service every day but that's exactly why AnswerFirst's rate plan is perfect for every type of business. For only $20 per month we are there when you need us. You don't pay a dime over $20 unless we actually answer your phones and you only pay for the time you use. Maybe you will only use our services one time per year but it's that one time that can really make a difference to your clients; it won't be the last time our agents hear, "Thank God you answered!"

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