Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Client Web Access : Free With Every Answering Service Account

Listed below are some of the standard features available with Client Web Access. In addition to these features, Client Web Access provides another layer of redundancy for your account information. Client Web Access is available from any web browser anywhere in the world and all data is available in real time. As soon as a message is saved by one of our agents, it is available in CWA.

  • View messages
  • View form submissions
  • Listen to recorded calls
  • View reports
  • View account screens
  • Update account information
  • Deliver messages
  • View a news & bulletin area
  • Process inbound e-mails
  • View invoices
  • Change your on-call status
  • Export your data
  • Print messages
  • Add notes to messages
  • View Call Details
Demo Client Web Access Account
Would you like to try Client Web Access? Call this live demonstration account to leave a message with one of our friendly agents.

1-888-290-2993 Johnson Electrical

Our agents can process your message, order or even schedule an appointment for you when you call. Experience what it will be like when we start answering your calls. Once finished, you can then login to Client Web Access to access the message you left, listen to your call, run a report, etc. For appointment scheduling this account employs a FREE Google Calendar.

Here is how to log in:

Please go to the following URL to log in:

Look for the login screen located in the upper left corner of our home page. Here is the username and password to log in:

Username: demo
Password: testdrive

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