Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Try Client Web Access for Free

Client Web Access (CWA) is a new an exciting way to integrate your business with our answering service. CWA allows you to use your web browser to log in securely to our web access area to view information regarding your account in real time. We offer a variety of functions through our web access interface including message review, report generation, voice log access, web form submissions as well as the ability for you to view your account screens. Client Web Access service is included FREE with every Live Operator account. We have a demonstration account set up for your review to demonstrate the convenience of this service. Click here to try out our free demo account.

  • View, e-mail, export, add notes or print your messages
  • View, e-mail, export add notes or print your web form submissions
  • Listen to recordings of calls to your account
  • Generate a variety of reports regarding your account activity
  • View your account screens just as our operators see them
  • Access news and bulletins for our clients

At the top right corner of each of our web pages, you will find the log-in area for access. Please notice the example to the right, then bring your attention to the top right area of this web page to see the login area. You simply click the link to go to the CWA log-in page, then enter the username and password we provide for your account to gain access to the many features and useful information client web access provides.

If you would like a walkthrough of the various features available to you, please contact one of our sales professionals and we will happily demonstrate the functions. If you would like to add this service to your account, please call 1-800-645-2616.

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