Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Use An Answering Service To Improve Your Customer Service

Does You Customer Service Stink?

There's no excuse for foul customer service!

Consistent, prompt responses to your business communications lead to happy customers, business growth and a reputation of great customer service for your business.

Our Motivation 

We only collect a $20.00 base rate up-front; we actually have to answer your calls and respond to your emails to earn any additional money. This makes us HIGHLY motivated to answer every inbound communication in a timely and professional manner. Services that make you pay upfront for a package of calls, minutes or units do not have this same level of motivation because they’ve already been paid. At AnswerFirst, a lost call from one of your customers tired of waiting in a hold queue means potential lost revenue for you and guaranteed lost revenue for us.

Total Dedication to Delivering Results
  • Prompt and Professional Responses
  • Agents With Customer Service Experience
  • Dedicated Dispatch Operators
  • Reliable and Redundant Infrastructure
Services Include:
  • Pay Only For What You Use
  • Free Client Web Access Portal
  • Full Unlimited Access to All of Your Call Recordings & Reports
  • Redundant Power, Data & Telephony Infrastructures for 99% Uptime
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