Thursday, March 17, 2011

What professional organizations should my answering service take part in?

From the Florida Parking Association for members of the parking industry in Florida to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers for technical professionals and students, there are professional organizations for almost any industry that you can imagine. While it's not crucial that you do business with a company that is involved with the professional organization in their particular industry, it is usually a good choice. There are several organizations that focus on the call center and answering service industries including ATSI, CAM-X, STA and WSTA. We strongly suggest that you choose an answering service that is involved with at least one of the call center professional organizations because it is an indication that the answering service is investing in their own education and interested in providing excellent service. ATSI Certified call centers are known to have particularly high service standards.

For more information about ATSI, click here.

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