Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Does Our Answering Service Work?

Every account is provided with either a local or nationwide toll free number, which may be called directly (may be used in client's advertising) or be forwarded to, typically from a client's existing business lines. In some instances a client may do both, forward office lines when they need us to answer and they will also advertise (web site, postcards. etc.) the provided number.

Accounts are custom built and configured to exact specifications. Calls will be answered using a client's pre-chosen answer phrase and will be processed according to the client’s instructions. Different types of calls may be processed. For example, new sales and support calls may be expected. In this case client's account screens may have instructions such as, for all support calls, go to page 2. For all new sales calls, go to page 3. On each page specific instructions will be given for processing that type of call. In the support example the agent may be instructed to e-mail that information to 5 separate e-mail addresses. For a sales call, perhaps the instructions are to gather up certain information and patch the caller through to a salesman. Any combination of delivery methods may be selected for any type of call. For example, maybe certain types of calls need an e-mail and a text message, while others are held until a scheduled e-mail or fax summary is sent the next morning. Alternatively, certain call types may require that information is provided to callers, such as, offering up-sell information while an agent completes a script. Other times agents may simply be relaying information, such as, business address, providing directions to your nearest location or supplying information on the types of services you provide.

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