Tuesday, July 20, 2010

AnswerFirst Launches New Website to Feature Information About Their Answering Services

AnswerFirst Communications, an international telephone answering service and customer service solutions company specializing in answering & messaging services, virtual receptionist and contact center solutions, announced this week that they have launched a new website that features information about their telephone answering services.

Jim Smith, AnswerFirst's Director of Inside Sales said, "Previously, we were using one main website to feature information about all of ours services but it was a lot of information to pack into a single website because we offer a wide array of services including basic answering services, call center solutions, technical support, customer care, appointment scheduling, order entry and voice mail solutions and more. We decided that featuring each service on its own site would be a more effective way of marketing all of the services.  Clients can get more detailed information about the specific service that they are looking for and we can also optimize each site to rank well for search terms that are related to the service that is featured on that particular site.  This method of optimization will make it easier for our potential clients to find information about the services that they are shopping for.  The first site we’ve developed focuses on our core service, telephone answering service, and was developed under the domain name www.answeringservice.org.  We’ve retained our corporate site for providing a basic overview of our services and in-depth information about our business so clients can still access information about AnswerFirst at our main domain.”

James Cass, Director of IT at AnswerFirst, stated, "We’ve implemented a new hosting environment to support our new Internet marketing approach.  Our infrastructure and equipment are configured to handle the new websites and the traffic that they’ll produce.  This new multi-site approach to marketing will allow us to publish a lot more information about our suite of services to the web and will provide our clients with more information about what we do.  We’re looking forward to development and implementation of this new marketing strategy. "

AnswerFirst is based in Tampa, FL and provides answering services, appointment scheduling, reservation taking, technical support, customer care, order entry and contact center solutions to businesses in any industry throughout the world.  For more information about their services visit their website.

www.answerfirst.com - Answering Service, Virtual Receptionist, Call Center & Contact Center Solutions

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